Getting ready for camp

On Friday, Rupert and I are heading off to a BD camp for the weekend. With a mixture of excitement and dread, I’m slowly gathering random items into a pile and filling the washing machine with musty old blankets from the lorry, brushing boots and rugs – in between washing school uniform and other important garments. I hope the school jumpers don’t come out too hairy!

So far, the pile includes:

  • Bandages and sadllecloths in assorted colours – must have some matchy matchy options
  • A box of out of date tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Rugs ranging from summer sheets to arctic duvets
  • A couple of light bulbs from the lorry – I’m hoping Google will tell me how to completely re-configure the electrics so the lights last more than 2 hours
  • Four uncharged phone chargers
  • Two new bags of feed (although enough for five feeds would be sufficient)
  • A miniature chopping board
  • Gin

OK, so I might be missing some essentials but it’s a start. I probably need to write myself a proper list!


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