Bridle review – Wolds Exclusive Bling

Rupert has a weird shaped head. It’s a cross between hippo and sea horse. He’s got a really broad forehead tapering down to a tiny little muzzle, so off-the-peg bridles just don’t really work.

I started with a mish mash of leatherwork from various old bridles but decided to invest in a proper bridle when he’d chewed the noseband to the point I could no longer find the holes. Wolds Exclusive Bling was top of my list, as they offer made to measure bridles in quality English sedgwick leather. They had also recently developed a new ‘Revelation’ headpiece, shaped for extra comfort and ideal for horses with sensitive ears.

Lara, at Wolds Exclusive Bling, is incredibly helpful and passionate about what she does. She gave me loads of advice on how to measure Rupert for the perfect fit. But when I heard she was coming our way to do some bridle fitting, I jumped at the chance of a personal consultation. She brought samples in various finishes and it was great to be able to try them on and see which styles suited him best. She also provided expert advice on which options would work best for his shape and way of going. I chose the Revelation headpiece, a patent drop noseband and a sparkly bling browband for parties.

It wasn’t long before my new bridle arrived and I hurried up to the yard to try it on. It fitted like a glove. The leather is beautiful quality and the design is perfect for Rupert’s hippo-seahorse head. The extra wide headpiece made a clear difference, as Rupert is really fussy about his ears and can be very tense in his poll. I immediately noticed he was more relaxed to ride and that he was much happier about being tacked up. The drop noseband helped to keep his jaw still and tongue below the bit, without the pressure of a traditional flash, and he was steadier in the contact as a result.

I’ve been riding in the bridle for about a year now and it still looks fabulous. I’m not very disciplined about tack cleaning and Rupert likes to put everything in his mouth, so it has to withstand a bit of rough treatment. I couldn’t be happier with it and already have my eyes set on another noseband and more bling to add to the collection!

So, if you are looking for a great value, made to measure, quality bridle, then Wolds Exclusive Bling is definitely worth considering. You won’t be disappointed.


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