Bitten off more than I can chew?

Still experiencing the euphoria of Glastonbury, I decided to enter our first two novice tests next weekend. The reality of the situation hit home today when I practised the tests. Rupert has had nearly two weeks off so he doesn’t quite know what has hit him. Novice 37 is a bit of a slap around the face after the relative ease of Prelims – with a quick succession of movements, including counter canter, give and retake the reins, medium trot and canter, three halts, square serpentine and 10m circles. I know Rupert can do it but it’s a real step up and it will be a miracle if I can remember the test as well as Novice 23, which is a lot kinder!

Instead of stressing about how crap it might be, I am trying to take a more practical approach. I think I’m still tired after Glastonbury, as I am not panicking yet. Maybe that’s the answer – more festivals?!! Anyway, I’ve got a lesson tomorrow with the wonderful Tahley, who I’m sure will whip me into shape and I will practise as much as I can, on and off the horse. You Tube will be my friend this week!


7 thoughts on “Bitten off more than I can chew?

    • KAT says:

      Thanks – might be a bit of a mess but it is making me step it up a gear, which is a good thing. Best of luck with your first medium, let me know how you get on. x


    • KAT says:

      Ah do it – it’s the most magical experience! I’ve been going on and off for about 20 years. I have definitely set a challenging goal, although by accident really. Sometimes that’s the best way, as I would have overthought it otherwise and probably not entered!

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