I used to be fearless. I’d think nothing of getting on my lively pony and galloping across the countryside, jumping over every ditch and log I could find along the way. When I moved onto horses, I wasn’t fazed by the 17hh+ beast who was too young and too strong for me and I happily competed up to BE novice with little preparation and no brakes! Somehow, it was fun.

But like so many others, something happened to my confidence as I got older and had children. Unconsciously I became more aware of potential problems, more afraid of falling off, more worried about what might happen. Fast forward a few years and my confidence is still low but I’m learning new ways to deal with it and I’m determined to progress.

This blog is about the journey I’m taking with my young horse Rupert, as we prepare for the world of dressage competitions. It’s a way of mapping our progress and hopefully giving courage to others who are not be as brave as they’d like to be. But it won’t all be about centre lines and serpentines, I’ll be sharing the everyday trials and tribulations of horse ownership – from trying to maintain enthusiasm through the dark, cold winter evenings to the excitement of freshly rolled fields and new product reviews.